How to properly begin a project in 10 steps

1. Estimate your capabilities and capacities.

Make sure you have enough time and resources to do the project.

2. Get to know your clients.
Spend as much time with your client as possible.

3. Make sure client knows what he wants.
Find out what the client needs. Not what he wants, but what he needs.

4. Make sure the goal is defined.
Talk with the client. Understand their goals. Once you know this, your solutions can target those goals.

5. Prepare a good plan.
Planning on paper helps you stay focused and ensures you won’t forget any of your ideas as you dive into the work.

6. Create a vision for the project.
An extremely important condition is to have a vision. You will clearly understand the purpose of the project, your client will be satisfied with the end result.

7. Observe the competition.
You want to learn from the mistakes of your competition. Find out what they did right, what they did wrong, and what they didn’t do at all.

8. Get money before you start.
You should always ask the first part of money to begin the work.

9. Brainstorm!
Write down as many random ideas as you can on pieces of paper. Nothing has to make sense or have any real value — but just get the ideas out on paper.

10.Search the truth using critical sense
Consult with someone who has a keen critical sense. Research till you drop. Get as much collateral information about the market, similar projects.