Skin color detection

Computer vision is one of many areas that wants to understand the process of human functionality and copy that process with intention to complete human life with intelligent machines. For better human – computer interaction it is necessary for the machine to see people. This can be achieved by employing face detection algorithms, which algorithm is based on skin color detection. One of the problems this and similar algorithms have to deal with is sensitivity to the illumination conditions under which the input image is captured. Hence illumination sensitivity influences face detection results. One of the aspects from which we can observe illumination influence is the choice of proper color space. Since come color space are designed to eliminate the influence of illumination when describing color of object, an idea of using such a color space for skin-color detection has been taken under consideration.

The skin color for example for fair complexion is determined with the following rules, which describe the skin cluster in the RGB color space:

R > 95 AND G > 40 AND B > 20 AND

max{R, G, B} – min{R, G, B} >15 AND

|R – G| > 15 AND

R > G AND R > B


R > 220 AND G > 210 AND B > 170 AND

|R – G| <= 15 AND

R > B AND G > B