PHP – dynamically getting variables from $_GET or $_POST

One good day I was working for building administration part of a complex Web Site. And like in other administration systems it must have the opportunity to view all users and apply some actions upon them. In my case I had a list of users and a checkbox control near them, and I had to make a delete action for selected users.

How did I find solution? Here is some piece of code.


Print list of users:

echo ‘<form action=”‘.$_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’].‘” method=”post”>’;

echo ‘<table>’;

while ( )


echo ‘<tr>’;

echo ‘<td><input type=”checkbox” name=”selected_user[‘.$user[‘id’].‘]” value=”1″ ></td>’;

echo ‘<td>’.$user[‘username’].‘</td>’;

echo ‘</tr>’;


echo ‘</table>’;

echo ‘<input type=”submit” name=”delete_user” value=”Delete”>’;

echo ‘</form>’;


When submit button “Delete” was activated:

if ($_POST[“delete_user”])


foreach($_POST[“selected_user”] as $id=>$value)


// delete user with userid == $id



So, at last the foreach statement gives to me “id” of selected user, and I can apply the action upon this user. It was interesting for me to find this solution of proceeding variables in PHP.

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