How to teach computers to understand red color?

Why is it so important?

Our world is not so perfect! There are a lot of people who are blind, or whose sight is impaired, and hence can not locate and read attention signs. So there are some technologies what are designed to resolve that problem, such as Global Position System (GPS) and Smith-Kettlewell’s
Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center’s “Talking Signs” project. Functionality of those all solutions is to detect, locate and read general information signs, this involves segmenting signs from the background, estimating their pose, and reading them. These are all difficult problems particularly in cluttered street scenes where the illuminant color can vary greatly, where the pose and position are unknown, and where the signs can be partially obsured or in shadow.


The color can be represented in different ways, but in this case will be used RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color model. Well the conditions of understanding if some color X is red, are such:

R(X)>128 and G(X)<0.8*R(X) and B(X)<0.8*R(X)

Where R(X) – red value of X color, G(X) – green value and B(X) – blue value


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